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Pedagogical innovation #35 – Memory and cognitive ability

Our new pedagogical innovation newsletter is now available!

This month we focus on the following topic:

“Memory and cognitive ability”

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The Learning Hub and Mediatheque teams

Pedagogical innovation #34 – Skills Portfolio

Check out the last edition of our newsletter about “Skills Portfolio” .

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Pedagogical innovation #32 – Fighting digital distraction

Ce mois-ci, “éviter la distraction digitale” est le sujet phare de notre bulletin de veille innovation pédagogique.

Bonne lecture! Les équipes du Learning Hub et de la Médiathèque

Happy Learning – Feedback session on the workshop “Design your own Escape Game”

Thursday December 20 – 1pm-2pm – Learning Lab (Audencia Atlantic Campus)

If pleasure and well-being are supposed to bring more efficiency at work, this is the same for learning. Positive emotions have a real impact on students’ motivation, memory and commitment. The “Escape Game” experience is an adventure game involving a number of puzzles to be sorted in a limited time. As it enhances curiosity, collaboration and emotional skills for participants, why not use this format for educational purpose?

The Alliance  Centrale-Audencia-Ensa week was a great opportunity to test this format with students coming from different educational backgrounds. The Audencia Learning Hub team launched a challenge for students to build an Escape Game in two days. There was a double objective to this human adventure : teach escape game design and methodologies to the student designers, and deliver a real escape game to potential future participants. The Escape Game had to focus on how  soft skills could be used to sort out puzzles, and also discover the main soft skills.

Erika LOGEAIS, Aline POLIPOWSKI and Eliane VACHERET will provide their feedback on this first experience in Audencia and explain how this format offers real opportunities for pedagogical innovation.

Frugal innovation: hot topic of the last newsletter

The last issue of the Pedagogical innovation newsletter talks about frugal innovation.

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Social learning: hot topic of the last newsletter

The last issue of the Pedagogical innovation newsletter talks about social learning.

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Want to read or read again a previous issue? Check it here.

May 25: Alliance Workshop on Pedagogy and Innovation Forum

Professors from the Alliance Centrale-Audencia-Ensa are invited to participate in the Alliance pedagogical day and Innovation Forum on May,25th 2018.

In the morning, the workshop will be led by Denis Jacquet, Director of EduFactory, co-founder of the Observatoire de l’Ubérisation and President of Parrainer la Croissance.
What is the place for Humanities into teaching where technology is prevailing? What is the risk for higher education to be “uberised”?

The Innovation Alliance Forum will take place in the afternoon. This forum aims to share and promote innovation in the practice of our activities. You can present an innovative educational project carried out during 2017-2018 and/or attend the presentations.

When? May 25th from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Where? Centrale Nantes (morning) and Audencia Atlantic Campus (afternoon)

Happy Learning – Creation of videos (accounting)

Myriam Mincheneau, Dominique Geyer, Finance Professors, and Erika Cherel, Pedagogical Engineer, will present the scripting of an accounting course with the creation of videos on book entries. How to make accounting concepts easier to remember via animated videos? How can I integrate videos into the course to encourage students to use them? What are the students’ feedbacks? All these elements will be discussed during this Happy learning.

When? Thursday, April 12 – 1pm
Where? A75 (Audencia Atlantic Campus)

Happy Learning – Plastic Pollution Challenge

For 1 and ½ days, the Plastic Pollution Challenge brought the International Master in Management (IMM) students together to develop innovative solutions to one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today. The students worked in teams to collectively develop strategies and solutions which were feasible, implementable, scalable and impactful to overcome plastic pollution and keep their organisations in business in the face of new global regulation.
Multiple pedagogical tools were used to engage students’ motivation: video, vote with Beekast, specific role for some students (journalists), creation of an artwork with their plastic wastes…

Jennifer Goodman and Céline Louche, Professors in Management, will present you this project and will be happy to answer all your questions.

When? April 5 at 3:30pm
Where? Audencia Atlantic Campus – A72

Happy Learning – Baby Loup case #innovative #hybrid

For 4 days, the Baby Loup case brought the 1st year PGE students together around a Law/HR challenge using multiple pedagogical tools: videos, comic book, PC crisis, giant online exam, conference and jury of professionals.

What are the steps in preparing such a project? How to put hybridization at the core of a pedagogical case? What are the students feedbacks?

Anne Audran-Ly, Professor of Law, Carole Le Rendu, Professor of Human Resources and Erika Cherel, Pedagogical engineer, will present this innovative and hybrid case and will be happy to answer all your questions.

When? Thursday, March 29 at 1pm
Where? Audencia Atlantic Campus – Learning Lab