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Listed below are the tools available for teaching at Audencia. The « geek dictionary » will give you
a better understanding of words and expressions used in the « digital jungle ».
You can also access resources on our dedicated space on Blackboard (best practice, feedback, methodological tools and more).


Learning Hub’s tools

Geek dictionary

The digitalspeak decrypted

Link to the dictionary

Any question? Any project idea? Contact us: innovation@audencia.com

The team

Learning Hub team skills


Pedagogical engineering

  • Digitalization
  • Management of transversal projects
  • Pedagogical scriptwriting
  • Course content design with third parties
  • Design of facilitation protocols
  • ...

Communication / Promotion

  • Latest news on pedagogy
  • Shared experiences
  • Audencia and Alliance events and conferences
  • Support in writing articles (call for papers)
  • ...

Audiovisual Engineering

  • Advice on best practices
  • Tools support
  • Support for pedagogical projects
  • Monitoring on new tools
  • ...

Training / Support

  • Tools: Blackboard, Beekast...
  • Scriptwriting
  • Students projects coaching
  • Animation techniques
  • Creativity techniques
  • Tailored training : needs diagnosis (with the Human Resources)
  • Podcast creation
  • ...

Erika Cherel

Ingénieur pédagogique
Pedagogical engineer

Pierre Chiron

Responsable technologies pédagogiques
Pedagogical technology manager

Valérie Claude-Gaudillat

Directrice Audencia Innovation
Audencia Innovation Director

Aurélie Couapel

Chargée de missions
Projects manager

Aline Polipowski

Responsable de projets pédagogiques
Pedagogical projects manager

Eliane Vacheret

Ingénieur pédagogique
Pedagogical engineer


Please contact us for any questions or needs on the pedagogical tools and project support.

Atlantic Campus - ECE - 1st floor
02 40 37 46 49
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