Geek dictionary

Asynchronous / synchronous: Terms employed for online distant classes. In a synchronous format all participants and teachers have to be connected in the same time to interact. In an asynchronous format, participants don’t need to be connected at the same time to carry out the activity.

Blended learning: Learning method mixing distant and face-to-face sessions.

Video capsule: A few minutes video presenting a process, an idea or a technical concept, in a synthetic way and with a voice-over. Unit element of a blended learning course path.

Chaptered video capsule: Video capsule enriched with chapters allowing to give rhythm to the presentation and to consult directly the interesting chapters. Can also contain quizz. Example of a tool: Panopto.

Virtual class: Digital environment allowing to deliver a distant class in a synchronous format. Adobe Connect is one example of the virtual class tools offering multiple possibilities to raise interactions.

Pedagogical system allowing to gather students and teachers at a particular time, using a specific tool (example: Adobe Connect). These virtual classes can take different formats (single session, multiple sessions, blended/mixing with face-to-face sessions…).

Design Thinking: Creativity and co-construction process of a solution, mixing analytical and intuitive thinking. Example of application: design with lego kits.

Forum: Section of a website or platform (like LMS or in a intranet…) allowing participants to communicate messages in an asynchronous way and to share ideas and information. The forum’s interest is that it is visible by every participant and it allows a categorization of the topics. Forums have to be moderated by one or several persons to be dynamic, to develop and to create a cohesion between the members.

LMS (Learning Management System): Digital platform allowing teachers to organize, register and manage courses spaces, and students to access them. It allows also to create online exams. Main French LMS: Moodle, Blackboard.

MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. It’s a chaptered course open to any Internet user. Often spread on several weeks, with distant group works, online chat, quizz, it allows to get some training on a particular topic and to benefit from knowledge on a thematic. Sometimes it can be opened to a certification (often with a fee).

Motion Design: Technology allowing to set in motion/animate graphic elements, from an image library or created de facto. This technique allows to edit pedagogical video capsules with a dynamic format, and is particularly adapted to process descriptions or to make an abstract notion more concrete. These capsules are co-designed with the teacher, the pedagogical engineer and the graphic designer

SPOC (Small Private Online Course): Private online course in small groups, often spread on multiple sessions, on the same principle as the MOOCs. However, the audience is limited to a users group define in advance.

Storytelling: Apply to the pedagogy, it refers to the way of designing the learning script of a pedagogical path by using narrative tools (characters, dialogs, stage setting, contextualization, logic of « where do we want to go? »…). The design can include digital elements.

Chat: Instant messaging system allowing to bring in an easy way a communication system between distant people. Can be an excellent medium/tool for project management (high reactivity) and a good addition to phone and email. Chat’s interest lies also in its management: possibility of multiple persons connected to the chat (very useful in case of « taskforces », possibility for the user to manage status (« don’t disturb», « in meeting », « out of the office »…), to save messages. Example of tool: Skype.

WIKI: Digital space in a platform (LMS or specific platform like a company intranet…) allowing members to share and structure information. These information can be on the definition of concepts, the sharing of best practices, ideas… The WIKI is only interesting if it gathers people around a particular topic or common expertises and if it is animated by someone.